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Meet Coach LaToya

Women's and Certified Spiritual Life Coach

LaToya Stone is the creator and lead coach of Your Hidden Treasure Inc., a company designed to support individuals in manifesting their goals. A native of Queens, New York, LaToya's expertise includes empowerment and motivation. She is a certified life coach and wellness trainer who has worked with individuals nationwide and in the Caribbean. In addition, she is the author of "Life Lessons that Heal the Soul". With an undeniable positive spirit, the dedicated coach and author has been a shining inspiration on people's life journeys for more than a decade.


LaToya's passion is to support others in achieving their dreams and take responsibility for the life they want. She has contributed her expertise to several media outlets including award-winning blogs and newspapers. LaToya frequently conducts workshops, accepts speaking engagements, and is a highly sought out vision board expert. She has successfully worked with faith-based organizations, Fortune 500 corporations, nonprofit organizations, and schools (daycare through college). The University of Maryland, College Park, and Inner Vision Institute for Spiritual Development graduate is also a fitness enthusiast, marathon finisher, and mindful movement instructor. She regularly trains women in the New York City area in healthy living. In 2017 she received the Motivational Coach and Inspirational Speaker of the Year Award at the Young Gifted & Black Entrepreneurial Awards. In 2018 she was one of the recipients to receive the Lions United Sports Club Women of Excellence Award.

LaToya Stone is a woman of grace and fire and has a deep desire to empower others so they can reach their full potential and "Unlock their greatest gifts within!"

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